Children’s Dentistry at Mast Laser Dentistry

As a family dental office, Mast Laser Dentistry enjoys getting to work with young patients and teaches them the proper techniques to maintaining a healthy smile. We accept patients as young as 3-years-old, and also offer tongue and lip tie release services to infants.

Reasons to bring your child to Mast Laser Dentistry:

We offer no Shot Dentistry!

With laser dentistry, we are able to provide our young patients with the dental care they need with minimal invasive techniques and painlessly.

We offer Tongue & Lip Tie Releases

For children who are nursing, lip and tongue ties can cause issues. If their frenulum (the small fold or ridge of tissue that is beneath the tongue or between the lip and the gum) is too tight, they can have a problem latching on when breastfeeding. This not only causes feeding issues but also possible pain to the child and discomfort for the mother.

Dr. Mast specializes in frenulum releases for infants.

Currently Dr. Mast is the only one of the few dentists or doctors performing this laser procedure in Montana.

We offer Complimentary Children’s Interviews

For children 5 and under, we offer complimentary dental interviews. This gives the child and parent a chance to meet our staff, take a look around our office, and become acquainted with what happens during a dental appointment. This interview takes about 10 minutes and allows the parent to decide if we are the right place for them.

For children friendly dentistry, call Mast Laser Dentistry at 406-458-0003 to schedule an appointment today!


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We offer Tongue & Lip Tie Releases!
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